Wellbeing and Usefulness of Lumpfish

On Tuesday, December 2, Ocean Cluster Faroes will host an event about lumpfish and salmon lice. The event will take place at the Boat Museum in Leirvík.

Salmon lice probably represent the single largest challenge for the salmon farming industry. For some years now, lumpfish have been used to consume sea lice off the salmon. But how do they cope in this environment, and how many lice do they eat? What is the effect of eating lice and what should be done to increase their well-being? These are some of the questions addressed by researchers from Fiskaaling and Bakkafrost at the Ocean Cluster Faroes seminar.

In the opening session, Ása Jóhannesen, researcher at Fiskaaling, explains about the biology and behaviour patterns of lumpfish in salmon cages. Kirstin Eliasen, researcher at Fiskaaling, then addresses lice eating and the well-being of lumpfish in salmon cages. Then, Ella Joensen, biologist coordinator at Bakkafrost, presents the industry's experiences with lumpfish and the immediate challenges involved. Finally, Amanda Vang, researcher at Fiskaaling, presents observations and ideas for meeting the challenges ahead through research initiatives.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all interested attendees must register on the Ocean Cluster Faroes homepage. Please follow the link below:

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