Kristian Matras, Teitur í Stórustovu, Kirstin Eliasen, Unn V. Johannesen, Sandra Ljósá Østerø og Jákup Jacobsen.

Fish health

In the Fish Health Department, the main concern is for the well-being of fish. Our job is done through regular services and commissioned research projects.


The Fish Health Department provides these services:

  • Lice countings
  • Lumpfish studies
  • Determining various lice species
  • Gill studies


Current research projects include:

  • Migrant behaviour of sea trout smolt
  • Sea trout health
  • Distribution and diseases of humpback salmon


The Fish Health Department also provides lectures, counselling and education.




Video demonstrating the 8 stages in the life cycle of the salmon louse.


Name Position Telephone Email
Bjørt í Niðristovu Monitoring
Daniella Madsen Monitoring +298 77 47 09
Hanus Kruse Monitoring +298 77 47 04
Kirstin Eliasen Head of Department, PhD +298 774 703
Kristian Matras Monitoring +298 77 47 05
Sandra Ljósá Østerø Engineer, MSc +298 77 47 51
Teitur í Stórustovu Monitoring +298 77 47 07
Unn V. Johannesen Coordinator, biologist, MSc +298 77 47 20