The FMHAT project is led by Dr. Sissal Erenbjerg from Firum


Several branches of natural science are implementing High-Performance Computing (HPC) technology as access to such resources is essential for staying up to date in current scientific research. However, such access is highly competitive and in general research institutions develop their HPC community locally where their own research programs are prioritized. The Faroese research communities’ need of HPC is scattered between various institutions and disciplines. Therefore, the researchers commonly work alone with limited technical support and computer power. The establishment of a national Faroese high-performance-computing center (Føroyski Miðdepilin fyri HáAvrikandi Teldumegi (FMHAT)) will be a first step of improving the interdisciplinary cooperation between Faroese research institutions and scientists, with an increasing demand for access to larger computational resources.  

A broad range of fields within natural sciences anchored at different Faroese research institutions will benefit from such a project; such as statistics, molecular dynamics, nano-materials and finance. The suggested project would be particularly beneficial for the fields related to fluid dynamics, such as oceanography, weather forecast, atmospheric science and climate dynamics, and establishing FMHAT will increase their relevance in international scientific research.

The overall objective of this Post. Doc. is to establish a high-performance computing environment in the Faroe Islands (FMHAT) and further develop and validate the hydrodynamic highly resolved 3D ocean model, FarCoast (Faroe Island Coast), that has been developed during the project leader's PhD study. This will be done through the following main tasks: 

  • Establishing a national Faroese high-performance-computing centre (FMHAT) in close cooperation with the University of the Faroe Islands (UoFO)
  • Running a 10-year simulation of the numerical ocean model FarCoast resulting in a hindcast numerical ocean archive

The project is led by Dr. Sissal Erenbjerg from Firum who will oversee all work packages and facilitate collaborative work and be responsible for results dissemination. Other key personnel from Firum are Dr. Gunnvør á Norði and Tróndur T. Johannesen.


Contact: Sissal Vágsheyg Erenbjerg