For Students

The purpose of the research work at Firum is to generate knowledge about aquaculture and other matters that pertain to aquaculture. A particular emphasis is on producing knowledge that serves to develop sustainable Faroese aquaculture.

Firum knows that students are an essential resource when acquiring new knowledge, ideas and, as a whole, new inspiration for the work for which Firum is responsible.

In the contract between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Industry and Firum (Fiskaaling Ltd.), it is stipulated that operations at Firum must be instrumental in the efforts to implement the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, thus providing knowledge for sustainable development.

For many years, students have participated in projects at Firum, and various dissertations have been written here over the years. Collaboration with students is important for Firum. On the other hand, we also know that such tasks help to develop the students' work and, not least, help encourage the desire to seek out and produce new and exciting knowledge.

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