Medusa Biobank

In 2021 we began archiving samples from our ongoing projects in a biobank format so that it is possible to build projects retrospectively. In particular, we are focusing on collecting time-series data which can be utilized for projects addressing. The Faroe Islands is located in the Northeast Atlantic in the path of the Gulf Stream, a branch of the AMOC and is of strategic interest with respect to climate change, regional differences in biodiversity, and seasonal dynamics related to aquaculture.

Our collection currently includes

  • Total DNA from filtered seawater samples (0.8 μM)
    • Time-series (1 year) in progress
  • Gill swabs preserved in DNA/RNA shield
    • Time-series (3 months), farmed Atlantic salmon at-sea



  • Collaborations on phytoplankton biodiversity/eDNA seawater samples (Ása Jacobsen)
  • Collaborations on gill microbiota and/or mucosal biomarkers (Amanda Vang)