Research Projects

Active 2021 - :


2014-2021       Lump fish personalities: The project is about finding different kinds of behaviour in lumpfish, and to see if that behaviour is linked to whether they eat lice. Partly financed by: The Faroese Research Council

2015-2021       Saccharina latissima from spore to dinner plate: Effects of seasonal variation, nutrient availability and current wave exposure on quality and growth. Coordinator: Tari. Financed by: The Faroese Research Council. 

2016-2021       The water exchange in Sundalagið and adjacent fjords: A model study. A PhD-project. Financed by: The Faroese Research Council, Statoil, Mowi og Fiskaaling.

2017-2022       Sureaqua. Knowledge and Solutions for Sustainable and Resilient Aquatic Production. Coordinator: IRIS. Financed by: Nordforsk og Fiskaaling.

2018-2021       Fluorolice – Rapid fluorescence based identification of sea lice larva in plankton samples: prototype method development for in-situ sampling. Coordinator: IMR. Financed by: the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund FHF.

2018-2022       Salmon and the Surf. Postdoctoral project. Coordinator: Sintef. Financed by: Exposed and Fiskaaling.
The results will provide better insight into how salmon is affected when farmed in a demanding environment with more waves and currents compared with existing conditions.

2018-               Sea Trout Project. Financed by: The Faroese Aquaculture Association.
This project aims to build new, basic knowledge about sea trout.

2019-2023       Wild lumpfish as a proxy to investigate nutritional requirements of farmed lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) PhD project. Financed by: Fiskaaling, University of Stirling, Bakkafrost, Havsbrún og Aker Biomarine.

2019-2023       AquaVitae: New species, processes and products contributing to increased production and improved sustainability in emerging low trophic, and existing low and high trophic aquaculture value chains in the Atlantic. Coordinator: Nofima. Financed by: Horizon 2020 Blue Growth.

2019-2021       Robusthet mot ytre stressfaktorer hos mikrosporofytter fra makroalger under automatisert innfesting på rep og transpor. Coordinator: Eukaryo ABC AS. Financed by: Regionale Forskningsfond

2020-2021       Classification system for benthic macrofauna analysis in the Faroese fjords. Financed by: Havbúnaðarfelagið og Umhvørvisstovan

2020-2022       Modelvalidering af PO2. Financed by: Havforskningen

2020-2022       Predicting sea lice dispersal software.  Postdoctoral project. Financed by: Granskingarráðið og Fiskaaling.

2020-2023       Multistatic multi-beam signal processing approaches with applications in fish farming. Financed by: Granskinarráðið, Fróðskaparsetur Føroya, Fiskaaling, Aquabio og Norðoya Íløgufelag,

2021                Nýggjar loysnir til umhvørviseftirlit á føroyskum firðum. Financed by: Umhvørvis- og vinnumálaráðið

2021-2022       Salmon Gill Health pilot project. Financed by: Fiskaaling. 
A pilot project to establish a novel method of using gill swabs to collect mucus and cells for downstream qPCR identification of immune response biomarkers.

2021-2022       Sanitary Survey. Fyrireiking av einum kræklingaalifjørði. Samskipari: Heilsufrøðiliga starvsstovan. Financed by: Fiskaaling.

2021-2023       DigiHeart: Machine learning applied to predicting and preventing production loss in aquaculture. Coordinator: NMBU. Financed by: Fiskaaling

2021-2023       Nordic cooperation on salmon health. Coordinator: SLU. Financed by: Nordic Council of Ministers, AG-Fisk
Samstarv um ikki-invasinar kanningar av heilsustøðuni hjá laksi

2021-2024       Numerical nearshore model of waves and wave-generated currents. PhD-verkætlan. Financed by: Innovationsfonden, Betri Stuðulsgrunnurin, Norðoya Íløgufelag og MOWI.
Menning av modelli at meta um aldugjørt rák á føroyskum alifirðum

2022-2026       Arteriosclerosis and heart pathology of farmed Atlantic Salmon in the Faroe Islands. PhD project. Financed by: Fiskaaling, The Faroese Research Council, Innovationsfonden. University of Gothenburg.

2022-2026       DeviHeart – Consequences of Deviating Heart morphology in farmed salmon. Financed by: University of Oslo Hospital. Fígging: FHF

2022-2024       LiceDetached. Kvantifisering av lakse- og skottelus som løsner fra lasken under trenging i tilknytning til avlusing samt reinfisering av laks på samme eller andre oppdrettslokaliteter. Financed by: Fiskaaling and FHF

2022-2024       Lumpfish and Akvanest: Impact on welfare and cleaner fish efficiency. Coordinator: Fiskaalig. Financed by: FHF

2021-2022       Kunnskapskartlegging – produksjon av stor laksesmolt. Coordinator: NOFIMA. Financed by: FHF

2021-2022       UNIFIeD. Coordinator: Fiskaaling. Financed by: Nordic Council of Ministers

2022-2024       Taraskógir sum uppvakstrarøki. Coordinator: Havstovan. Financed by: Fiskivinnuroyndir.

2021-2022       Arctic-Salmon: Opportunities, challenges and solutions in salmon farming within the Nordic region. Coordinator: Matís, Financed by: Nordic Council of MinistersAG-Fisk. 

2022-2025       FMHAT - Føroyskur miðdepil fyri HáAvrikandi teldumegi (Faroese Centre for high-performance Computing). Financed by: Fiskaaling and The Faroese Research Council.

2022-2024       FjordProcessFinanced by: Havgransking í Norðuratlanshavi.

2022-2023       ASuReMacro: A Sustainable and resilient macroalgal cultivation industry in the Nordic and Arctic region. Financed by: Nordic Council of Ministers