Departments at Firum

Firum employs approximately 30 people, mostly scientists and researchers. The employees are attached to the various specialized departments of Firum:

  • The Department of BiotechnologyBiotøkni, is based in a research park facility in Tórshavn called iNOVA. Here, advanced tools are used to conduct research activities.
  • The Ecology DepartmentVistfrøði, works mainly with ecosystems in fjords to better understand the interaction between nature and aquaculture activities. The projects are largely about how the industry affects the environment - both from a biological and chemical perspective.
  • The Department of Fish HealthFiskaheilsa, focuses on a variety of services and testing as well as research, advising and education.
  • The Department of Fjord Dynamics, Fjarðaelvi, is predominantly involved with technology-based research pertaining to environmental factors in connection with fish farming.
  • Firum owns a research vessel, Andrias Reinert VN182, which is used for various research operations, such as measuring waves and currents.