Salmon and the Surf

In collaboration with EXPOSED, this project has been launched to examine the well-being of salmon in extreme weather exposed locations. The project is set to run for two years. The fieldwork includes registration of salmon behaviour under different conditions.


Salmon behaviour is registered with sonar from underneath the aquafarm rings to see how deep the salmon swims. Also, video recording is used to observe how the fish swims, e.g. in flock, against the current, or in circles.


Along with behavioural observations, well-being observations are also conducted. These serve to examine how well the fish tolerates extreme living conditions, such as hard currents and waves. Well-being observations include registering damage on fins, eyes or skin, if it’s adult and if it’s otherwise stout and well.


The project is a post doc that will conclude in 2020. The results will provide better insight to how salmon is affected when farmed in a demanding environment with more waves and currents compared with existing conditions. This knowledge will be useful for planning future aquafarms.


Contact Person: Ása Johannesen