Spawning-ready Humpback Salmon Caught

Research: This weekend, Fiskaaling got a humpback salmon that was ready for spawning. Previously, two male specimens containing milt were caught. This confirms that the humpback salmon may be about to establish a stock in Faroese waters.

It is with good reason that Fiskaaling and Havbúnaðarfelagið (the Faroese Association of Fish Farmers) initiated the project to study the occurrance of humpback salmon in the Faroe Islands. The fish has been caught in previous years, too, but with increasing frequency in recent years. This could be individual salmons with no intent to propagate, or, this could be a new stock in the process of claiming Faroese territory.

The humpback salmon is not indigenous to Faroese waters. Hence, new issues or dangers may be following in the wake of the new stock. Of special concern there are potential diseases that the salmon may be carrying.

“Presently, we have only confirmed indications that the humpback salmon intends to reproduce here, but we are still unable to determine whether they will be successful or not, i.e. if they will produce offspring. Further research will have to confirm this,” says Dr. Kirstin Eliasen, head of department at Fiskaaling and leader of the humpback salmon research project.

Fiskaaling invites all, who catch humpback salmon, to pass these on to Fiskaaling, who then will perform the relevant research and examinations. Fiskaaling, then, will compensate for the fish. The fish must be whole and fresh, i.e. not cut open or frozen. For further information and instructions please contact Fiskaaling on phone +298 774 703.

The male fish acquire the characteristic hump on the back during spawning periods. Another characteristic for humpback salmon is the white mouth with black palate and black tongue.