Researchers Attended Conference in France

MEASUREMENTS: in May two of Fiskaaling’s researchers attended the research conference Marine 2017, which was held in Nantes, France, the topic being computational methods in marine engineering. The researchers, Heðin Abrahamsen and Øystein Patursson, held a presentation each in the group ‘Modeling of flexible structures.’

In his presentation at the research conference Heðin Abrahamsen explained the measurements and models, which Fiskaaling has done in collaboration with Marine Harvest in connection with the sea farming equipment at Sandsvágur.

Øystein Patursson’s presentation was on measurements of the so-called HDPE pipes, which sea farming cages commonly are made from. A work, which was carried out in connection with the project ‘Aling á opnum havi’ (open ocean farming). The measurements this presentation was based on were made in the hall belonging to the shipyard MEST in Skála with the aim to determine precise values for the breaking strength of the HDPE pipes.

The computer simulations are to an ever-larger extent used to design sea farming equipment and this method is increasingly used now that there is a growing interest in moving farming out to more exposed sea areas. The recurring challenge in such computer simulations is to procure reliable data to use in making the tools for the simulation, and in no small way in connection with evaluation of these models.

Fiskaaling is among the very few, who have the opportunity and the conditions to carry out measurements at farming areas in exposed sea areas, and not in the least have been able to procure measurement results under these conditions. This was also reflected in the interest from abroad in the Faroese presentations.

The two researchers at Fiskaaling consider it interesting to see how others handle their modelling projects and emphasise that a lot of good and productive exchanges were had at the conference in France, where the various attendees shared a lot of knowledge with one another.

Heðin Abrahamsen and Øystein Patursson are in no doubt that with this conference attendance a good foundation has been laid for future collaboration in this field.

Should anyone wish to learn more about this, they are welcome to contact Øystein Patursson, researcher at Fiskaaling, e-mail:, tel. no. +298 77 47 87.