P/F Fiskaaling at International Conferences in Norway

Biologists from Fiskaaling attracted considerable interest when presenting research results from the Faroe Islands at the conferences.

Two biologists represented P/F Fiskaaling at the “Mucosal Health in Aquaculture” conference in Oslo. The main focus was on intestine and slime tests on various fish species in relation with health and welfare. Also, various types of feed were discussed.

Ms Ása Jacobsen presented research results from bacteria cultures in mucus etc. on wild and farmed salmon and lumpfish. The interest surrounding lumpfish was particularly pronounced, as there is only limited knowledge about the immune system and nutritional requirements for lumpfish.

Ms Heidi Mortensen presented a poster about cortisol estimation in mucus to assess stress in Atlantic salmon. This practice attracted great attention, because it enables stress assessment in fish swiftly and easily without having to kill it, as opposed to hitherto conventional methods.

Later, the Nordic Marine Phytoplankton Group (NOMP) arranged a workshop í Arendal, Norway. Since Fiskaaling recently launched micro algae research in Faroese fjords in cooperation with the industry, the workshop was an excellent opportunity to connect with the latest research in the Nordic countries, and to meet with experts in this particular field.

Although this is a relatively new operation area for Fiskaaling, research results from bacteria cultures here have already proven very useful. Ms Ása Jacobsen from Fiskaaling was invited to explain about the experiences from initiating the research work on bacteria cultures in Faroese fjords. Faroese plans and experiences clearly compared well with the practice in other Nordic countries.

The NOMP group convenes on an annual basis. Fiskaaling also intends to participate in the 2020 workshop.