New Head of Department

Tróndur T. Johannesen is new head of technology department at Fiskaaling Ltd. He assumes the position forthwith.

Fiskaaling Ltd. activities have developed and expanded considerably over recent years. The Department of Technology and Environment has developed into a wide array of research areas, including waves and current conditions, and farmed fish welfare.

Gunnvør á Norði headed the original department, which is now two separate units. Gunnvør continues as HoD, while Tróndur assumes the position of HoD of the unit with an emphasis on physical research aspects of the Faroese fjord systems and open ocean areas.

There are 6 employees in the new department, dedicated to ocean related research. “We focus on waves and current research, as well as other research projects here, and other projects in collaboration with other departments,” says Tróndur.

Tróndur T. Johannesen is educated Cand.Scient. in mathematics at Allborg University, Denmark. Tróndur has extensive experience from analyzing and processing data, and modelling.

Tróndur T. Johannesen