New Employees

Organisation: P/F Fiskaaling has employed two new members of staff: Birgitta Andreasen and Amanda Gratton Vang. will be an asset for our operations and activities.

The initial advert for research positions at Fiskaaling generated considerable attention. Fiskaaling’s participation in national and international projects require high in-house expertise and top-level experience. The new staff at Fiskaaling will contribute to this effect.

Birgitta Andreasen is PhD in Chemical Engineering. Whe will be working in the department of Technology and Environment, starting on 18 November 2019. Presently, Birgitta works at the Faroese Environmental Agency, where she conducts mass spectrometric studies of pollutants in the ocean and arranged environmental data in a database.

Amanda Gratton Vang is PhD in Biomedical Science. She will be working in the department of Biotechnology, starting on 1 February 2020. Amanda has extensive research experiences as well as experience with preparing and leading projects. She has published numerous scientific articles in recognized journals. Amanda has been responsible for advising Bachelor and Master students.

Fiskaaling aims to produce long-term, quality research with the purpose build internationally recognized knowledge for sustainable aquaculture. Birgitta and Amanda will be part of the Fiskaaling team of dedicated researchers that make this possible.