Fiskaaling Reorganises for 2 Weeks

Fiskaaling Ltd. has decided to take steps to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. The steps are in accordance with the general advice from the Faroese Authorities.

The purpose of these steps is to protect all employees at Fiskaaling, and to secure Fiskaaling’s services and cooperation with the industry, and with respect to society at large.

Operations will be duely reorganised, and all staff is encouraged to work from home to the largest extent possible over the next two weeks, i.e. from 13 March to 27 March.

This will affect the Fiskaaling offices and laboratory facilities við Áir and at iNova in Tórshavn. However, all necessary operations will continue, and staff will still be working and reachable via phone and e-mail.

As regular lice counts are required by law, Fiskaaling will continue to perform this service for the aquaculture industry. These operations will be conducted in accordance with especially adapted regulations.

Fiskaaling is hopeful that these efforts will prove effective and may contribute to returning to normal operations on Monday 30 March.