Development Cooperation with Tanzania

International cooperation: P/F Fiskaaling has made a preliminary agreement with the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries in Tanzania about sharing Faroese aquaculture knowledge.

The agreement about development cooperation was made during the FAO/COFI Sub-committee on Aquaculture in Trondheim, Norway, last week. The agreement invites Tanzanian nationals with ties to aquaculture related activities to work at Fiskaaling for an agreed period of time. The plan is to receive the first candidate from Tanzania later this autumn.

“Since our aquaculture industry is just starting, any cooperation will nave immense impact in shaping its future to ensure its sustainability,” says Tanzania’s Director of Aquaculture, Nazael A. Madalla, PhD. 

The next step is to outline the specific areas of Fiskaaling expertise and activities. The Tanzanian authorities will then identify the appropriate person to visit the Faroe Islands. Fiskaaling’s fields of expertise include research, development and advice within the farming of water-based animals and plants, and within bio-technology. 

Also represented at the Trondheim conference was SADC, the Southern African Development Community, which counts 16 member states. SADC was keen to see the Fiskaaling development cooperation extended to the SADC countries, too, once initial experience has been accumulated. 

In addition to the development cooperation with Fiskaaling, the programme is also open to include cooperation with other relevant Faroese authorities, e.g. within legislation, veterinary authorities, feed producers and aquaculture industry actors. 

In June, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Industry and P/F Fiskaaling signed an agreement for Faroese development cooperation. The agreement stipulates, that: “The purpose is to promote capacity development via education, research and knowledge sharing, and to initiate projects that aim to disseminate special knowledge for development and good governance for aquaculture in developing countries, with particular emphasis on small island states, and costal states.”

For further information, please contact Ms Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, CEO at Fiskaaling.