Article on Lumpfish in Nature Journal

Today, the renowned journal “Scientific Reports” of “Nature” published a scientific paper on lumpfish. The paper was written by Kirstin Eliasen, PhD. in biology and head of department at Fiskaaling Ltd., and Esbern J. Patursson, biological developer at Hiddenfjord Ltd., in collaboration with other researchers, too.

The title of the paper is “Liver colour scoring index, carotenoids and lipid content assessment as a proxy for lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus L.) health and welfare condition.” For free access to the paper click here.

Lumpfish are employed as lice terminators in the Faroese aquaculture industry, as in many of the surrounding aquaculture nations. The paper establishes a link between the colour of the lumpfish’s liver and the state of the fish regarding nutrition, welfare and general health.

The aquaculture industry can use the colour of the liver to identify potential welfare deterioration with the lumpfish in the aquaculture cages, thus providing the industry with an option to adjusting feed and tending accordingly.


The paper is a product of cooperation between P/F Fiskaaling, HiddenFjord and the University of Stirling, Scotland.