Aquaculture Overview for Faroes Ecoregion

ICES Aquaculture Overviews present the interactions of the environmental, economic, and social drivers of aquaculture in an ecoregion as well as future projections and emerging threats and opportunities. 

The Faroes Ecoregion is the third ICES ecoregion to have an Aquaculture Overview published. Gunnvør á Norði, Fiskaaling (Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes) and Unn Laksá, Sjókovin, both participated in the Workshop on the Faroes ecoregion Aquaculture Overview (WKFAROESAO) and drafting content for the overview.

“We are delighted that all aspects of Faroese aquaculture are now gathered in one place, covering legislation, farming practices, environmental issues, profitability and socio-economic aspects. Most of this information was not readily accessible to an international audience. Now others can easily obtain information about Faroese aquaculture, which is one of the best in class when it comes to biological performance and technological development.

The process of creating the Aquaculture Overview has been really valuable due to the multidisciplinary collaboration. The working group consisted of experts from the authorities, consultants within the aquaculture sector, and researchers within the biological, environmental, economic, and political science disciplines. It was a valuable experience to work on aquaculture issues from such a broad perspective."

Link to the Faroese Aquaculture Overview: Faroes ecoregion – Aquaculture Overview (

The accompanying science report from the workshop on the Faroese Ecoregion Aquaculture Overview: Workshop on the Faroes Ecoregion Aquaculture Overview (WKFaroesAO) (


Working group:

Gunnvør á Norði, Fiskaaling

Rúni Dam, Avrik

Eilif Gaard, Havstovan

Katrin H. Jensen, Umhvørvisstovan

Unn Laksá, Sjókovin

Magni Laksáfoss, Sjókovin

Birna Mørkøre, Heilsufrøðiliga starvsstovan

Ann-Lisbeth Agnalt, IMR, Norway

Anne Cooper, ICES

Cecilia Kvaavik, ICES

Ena Briesemeister, ICES

Henn Ojaveer ICES