Sequencing (NGS and capillary)

Next Generation Sequencing

The Biotechnology department has experience with amplicon library preparation, Illumina-based sequencing (Miseq), and bioinformatics using Qiime.  Workflows have been developed and successfully performed for the following:

  • Bacterial communities from various fish species
    • Mucus, gills, skin, intestinal contents
  • Water samples
    • Microalgae, bacteria
  • Bacteria samples from smolt stations and sea cages
    • Tank growth, biofilters, sea cage shelters

Standard Illumina 16S rRNA amplicon workflow

Equipment and supplies

Firum´s laboratory space at iNOVA is fully equipped for molecular analysis with dedicated space for DNA/RNA work, sterile LAF bench, and separate post-PCR room. Specialized equipment for NGS workflows includes:

  • NGS Library Preparation and Quality Control
    • Tissue homogenizer (vortex adapter)
    • Filtration system for water samples
    • Magnetic racks for library clean-up
    • Qubit (DNA/RNA concentration)
    • Agilent Bioanalyzer (DNA/RNA quality control)
    • ABI StepOnePlus (96 well, 0.2 ml format)
    • Bio-rad standard thermocycler
  • Next Generation sequencers
    • Illumina Miseq
    • Illumina Nextseq

Capillary Sequencing

An ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer is also available for sequencing shorter DNA segments and validating qPCR primer specificity.