Quantitative PCR (qPCR)

DNA identification and abundance (qPCR)

The biotechnology department has established sample preparation and quantitative real-time PCR (sybrgreen and TaqMan probe) workflows for a variety of sample types and genetic markers including:

  • Microalgae from water samples
  • Nitrifying bacteria on biofilters
  • Fin clips
  • Salmon lice in stomach contents

Gene Expression analysis (qRT-PCR)

Workflows are currently being established in connection to the biobanking initiative so that we can measure changes in gene expression. The focus will be on sampling and preparation of high-quality RNA from mucosal tissues (gills, skin, mucus, and intestines) from lumpfish and Atlantic salmon and validating immune response biomarkers.


Equipment and supplies

Firum´s laboratory space at iNOVA is fully equipped for molecular analysis with dedicated space for DNA/RNA work, sterile LAF bench, and separate post-PCR room. Specialized equipment includes:

  • Sample preparation
    • Tissue homogenizers (vortex adapter)
    • Filtration system for water samples
    • Maxwell 16 (automated DNA extraction)
    • Qubit (DNA/RNA concentration)
    • Agilent Bioanalyzer (DNA/RNA quality control)
  • Thermocyclers
    • qPCR: ABI one-step plus (96 well, 0.2 ml format)

Standard PCR: G-Storm