Onnur tól

To support our routine workflows, the Biotechnology department owns or has access to the following standard instrumentation at Research Park iNOVA:

  • Biomek 3000 pipetting robot
  • Tabletop mini-centrifuges and vortexers
  • Heat blocks
  • General scale
  • Precision Scales (0.02-410 g and )
  • Bench scale
  • Sample rotators (Duomax 2030 and Hulamixer)
  • Water Purifier (iNOVA owned)
  • -20 freezers
  • -80 freezer (iNOVA owned)
  • Centrifuges
    • Refrigerated, fixed-rotor centrifuge
    • Fixed-rotor centrifuge
    • Refrigerated, swing-bucket centrifuge (iNOVA owned)
  • Microscopes
    • Leica DM1000 dissecting scope

Specialized Instruments or Equipment

Specialized instruments not in routine use are also available when needed for a specific research project

  • Texture Analyzer
  • HPLC (separating and purifying components in a mixture)
  • OFF-Gel fractionator (separating proteins from complex mixtures by isoelectric focusing for downstream identification and quantification by Western Blot or Mass Spectometry)